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Frequently Asked Questions

Every project provides a unique set of circumstances. Due to the susceptibility to ice damming and wind driven rains, we install Ice/Water Shield on every job. Ice/Water Shield is now code in all 88 counties of Ohio.
Heat and Moisture are your roofs number one enemy. All roofs covering heated and cooled space in your home need some form of ventilation. All shingle manufacturers insist on proper ventilation for warranty purposes.
Every roof project is different. We will provide you with the best option for your home at time of estimate.
Box vents, ridge vents, power vents, whirlybirds, gable vents, to name a few.
In most cases, NO! It is possible to "over-ventilate." We can explain in better detail during your estimate.
Every project provides a unique set of circumstances. Due to the susceptibility to ice damming and wind driven rains, we install Ice/Water Shield on every job with a 6/12 pitch or less. (Ice/Water Shield is installed in the eaves and valleys.)
Explanation of an Ice Dam: An ice dam normally starts with a sufficient amount of snow fall takes place and accumulates on your roof. There is a slight thaw from heat rising through the ceiling into the attic which warms the roof surface and melts the snow close to your roof deck. The snow heated from these various portions of your home now flow down until it reaches the soffit and gutter areas where it will freeze, due to this area of your home not being heated. As this process repeats itself, day after day, an ice dam forms and will grow as the melted snow reaches the soffit and gutters of your home. This ice dam will eventually cause water to back up or dam up and find its way beneath roofing material, which in turn will leak into insulation, ceiling and your interior walls.
Preventative Measures: Additional Insulation in your attic space can help slow down the quick release of hot air through the attic and slow down the melting process. Installing Ice Guard as underlayment along gutter lines, valleys and penetrations can also help. Ice Guard is a petroleum based product that has a sticky backing that adheres to the roof deck. When nails penetrate this material as the roof is applied the ice guard self-seals itself around the nails, making it water-proof.
Note: Unfortunately an Ice Back Up is an act of Nature that is hard to remedy. None of the above measures can be guaranteed against ice back up, but in several cases have solved many ice related leaks.
Unfortunately we can not. There are so many variables that can dictate the cost of your project.
Here are just a few of the variables that need to be considered:
How accessible is the work
How many layers of existing roof today
Steepness or pitch to the roof
How many stories tall is your home
How many flashing details are there
What style, warranty, color and make do you prefer
Yes we do! But we do charge for roof inspections.
When a customer has a problem or a need for our services -- this is an estimate. It could be for a new roof, re-roof, repair or gutter guards.
When someone is not aware of there being any problems and just want their roof checked for potential problems prior to selling or buying – that is considered an inspection for which we do charge.
If we find a problem during inspection and an estimate is provided and accepted in most cases we will wave the fee of the inspection.
Yes, Bryan Addis Roofing is fully insured with workmen’s compensation and liability Insurance.
We encourage the home owner to be present – we find it in your best interest to be there during the inspection in order to answer any and all questions.
We do realize some situations make it very difficult to be present. In that case we will prepare an estimate and email/fax it to you.
Yes we do! Bryan Addis Roofing wants to earn your business.

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